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Specialised the package for my blog

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# Rsync Watch
# Aral’s Blog Syncer
Node.js app to watch files and directories then sync them to the remote server using rsync.
Forked from [Rsync Watch]( If you want a generic rsync watcher, please use that project.
## Install and use
- Clone repository
- Execute `npm install`
- Copy `config.json.example` to `config.json`
- Edit `config.json`
- Exclude pattern must be compatible with <>
and <> at the same time
- Execute `npm run sync` to start sync and watch
## Changelog
### 3.0.0
- \[Breaking\] Exclude config also applied to watcher (before only for rsync).
Pattern must be compatible with <>
and <> at the same time
### 2.0.1
- Update dependencies to latest versions
### 2.0.0
- rsync configuration moved from code to config.json as `rsyncOptions` property.
"": {
"from": "/Users/aral/",
"to": "",
"exclude": [
"rsyncOptions": {
"archive": null,
"verbose": null,
"human-readable": null,
"partial": null,
"progress": null
"project name": {
"from": "/Users/Username/Code/Project/",
"to": "remote@host:~/Code",
"exclude": [
"rsyncOptions": {
"out-format": "%n",
"recursive": null,
"copy-links": null,
"perms": null,
"times": null,
"delete": null,
"delete-during": null
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