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# **Amazon AWS CloudFront Profile Experiment** (…
> The URL returns a page that simply states “Standard Amazon AWS CloudFront Profile Experiment Response”.
> No cookies are currently being set.
## Block rule
The original block rule is automatically generated by Better Inspector.
If you want to edit it, you may. The Inspector will not touch your edits
in future passes.
**Block domain**
- trigger:
- url-filter:
- load-type: third-party
- action:
- type: block
## Prevalence
<!-- prevalence -->
**Low:** found on 1 surveyed site.
<!-- /prevalence -->
## Notes
* The full URL is in the wild is ``
* This might be a benign attempt to warm up an Amazon CloudFront edge server but we’re going to block it anyway as it doesn’t seem terribly necessary. – Ed.
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