Better group



  • Content

    Better content in Blockdown format.

  • Themes

    Themes for the Better web site and the iOS app (as well as styles/templates common to both).

  • App

    iPhone, iPad, and Mac apps.

  • Inspector

    Command-line tool that investigates sites for third-party content and bootstraps content pages.

  • Domains

    The domains that we’re tracking (in Alexa CSV format)

  • Builder

    Generates data for Better site and iOS app from Blockdown-formatted authored content.

  • Better

    Start here. Run ./install

  • Tester

    A simple Mac app that makes it quick and easy to test content blocker rule updates.

  • Archive Server Setup

    Sets up the HTTP Archive server (static nginx server) for Better.

  • Drafts Server Setup

    Sets up a Gitlab server for the drafts (sites, trackers) generated by the Inspector.

  • Safari

    Better Safari Extension.

  • Web Server Setup

    Sets up the Better web production server.

  • Data Server Setup

    Sets up the generated data GitLab server for Better. (Default:

    Built for and only tested on Ubuntu 14.04 TLS on

  • Builder Server Setup

    Setup script for Better Builder production server.

  • Builder Local Web Site Server

    A simple local site server implementation to facilitate local testing. Installed by the Builder ./install script.

    (On production, the site is served via nginx.)