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# Better for iOS and macOS
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Better protects you from unethical web sites. It makes your web experience safer, lighter, and faster.

Better enforces the [Ethical Design Manifesto]( It helps the Web respect human rights, effort, and experience.

Better is curated by, a social enterprise that defends human rights. It’s free, open, and transparent.

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## I’m not a developer, I just want to experience a Better web.
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Get Better from the App Store.

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## How can I support Better?

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Buying Better on the App Store is one way to support us. If you want to help with the ongoing costs of developing and maintaining Better, you can [donate to]( or, even better, [become a patron]( by setting up a recurring donation.

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## I’m a developer, let me in!

### Installation

On a Mac with Xcode and Git installed:

1. `mkdir better && cd better`
2. `git clone`
3. `cd app && ./install`

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That will install all the necessary dependencies.
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Specifically, it will install [Better Builder](, set up a fully offline local development environment for you, and install the framework dependencies of the iOS app.

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Note: The master branch of Better is now written in Swift 4 and support iOS 11. For the older, Swift 3, version, please see the Swift 3 branch (depracated).

### Usage

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This will start the Better Builder environment and open up the Xcode Workspace for the iOS app.

You can then build for the iPhone Simulator and test locally.

See the [Better Builder]( project for more information on the development process.