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Commit b91ae5fc authored by Aral Balkan's avatar Aral Balkan

Added dev command and updated help.

parent 6ced9bad
# Runs command in requested directory and restores the working directory at the end.
# Usage: run <directory> "<command>"
pushd $1 >/dev/null
eval $2
popd >/dev/null
echo """
Better: setting up local development environment…
· Starting local Better web server: http://localhost:3000
· Starting Better Builder via nodemon.
(Any changes to the ~/|themes directory or to builder/
will result in an automatic rebuild of the data for the apps – iOS and OS X – and site.)
· Also starting two other servers that you normally don’t have to worry about:
· Starting simulated GitLab web hook server on port 8888.
· Starting local git server on port 8889.
echo "\n\nGoodbye!\n\nLocal development environment and servers have been shut down.\n"
exit 0
runIn builder "./dev"
\ No newline at end of file
......@@ -20,14 +20,15 @@ echo """
Better Commands: Help
dev: start development environment (Better Builder and servers)
edit: edit a domain
help: display this help
log-in: sign into
log-out: sign out of
status: display current status
edit: edit a domain
save: save a domain to the remote repository
update: update a domain from the remote repository
stat: display current status
submit: submit your changes and open a merge request
help: display this help
update: update a domain from the remote repository
For further usage instructions, type <command> --help
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