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Updated installation directions for development environment.

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Builds the blockdown data from the blockdown content.
# Development
### Development
1. Copy `` into `~/` and configure it.
2. In the folder from Step 1, above, `git clone`
To use, run:
3. Create the data repository:
i. `cd ~/`
ii. `git clone`
Note that the repositories we use for development are `content-dev` and `data-dev` and the ones we use for deployment, below, are `content` and `dev`.
4. Add your ssh key for the Blockdown repositories to `~/` as `id_rsa` and ``.
### Production
# Deployment
(I’m sorry there isn’t a more automated process at the moment. Configuration of the deployment environment involves the manual set up and configuration of a number of servers and Git repositories at the moment.)
1. Set up server with Dokku.
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