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Now saving md5 hash of the latest blocker list file

Will be used to check for updates by the apps.
parent 73aec20e
......@@ -43,6 +43,16 @@ GlobalStatistics = require './GlobalStatistics'
require './StringExtensions' # for String::trim()
require 'crypto'
# Calculate checksum
checksum = (str) ->
return crypto
.update(str, 'utf8')
class Blockdown
......@@ -790,12 +800,15 @@ Better is a Safari content blocker for <a href='
saveBlockerListJSON: (dataDirectory) =>
blockerListJSONFilePath = path.join dataDirectory, 'blockerList.json'
blockerListJSONHashFilePath = path.join dataDirectory, 'blockerList.json.md5'
# In development, pretty print the JSON to make it easier to debug.
# In production, minify it for better performance.
args = if app.isRunningInDevelopment then [@rules, null, 4] else [@rules]
fs.outputFileAsync blockerListJSONFilePath, JSON.stringify.apply @, args
output = JSON.stringify.apply @, args
hash = checksum(output)
(fs.outputFileAsync blockerListJSONFilePath, JSON.stringify.apply @, args).then =>
fs.outputFileAsync blockerListJSONHashFilePath, hash
# Saves the rule partials in JSON format.
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