Verified Commit 822a8e0e authored by Aral Balkan's avatar Aral Balkan
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Start collating data on rules added/updated/deleted between deploys

parent 7ce4d965
......@@ -809,6 +809,26 @@ Better is a Safari content blocker for <a href='
# Prepare metadata
rulesAdded = []
rulesUpdated = []
rulesDeleted = []
for key, value of @contentCurrentModifiedTimes
if (@contentPreviousModifiedTimes[key] == undefined)
rulesAdded.push key
else if (@contentPreviousModifiedTimes[key] != value)
rulesUpdated.push key
for key, value of @contentPreviousModifiedTimes
if (@contentCurrentModifiedTimes[key] == undefined)
rulesDeleted.push key
console.log("Rules added: #{rulesAdded.length}")
console.log("Ruled updated: #{rulesUpdated.length}")
console.log("Rules deleted: #{rulesDeleted.length}")
# Calculate the last update time based on the content cache.
# Since timestamps have lexographical order, we can use a reduce
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