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Now using cache on production also

(We use the content cache to calculate the diff of blocker rule changes between deployments and expose this information in the metadata.json file.)
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......@@ -122,31 +122,24 @@ class Blockdown
new (winston.transports.File)({ filename: logFile, level: 'debug' })
# Decide cache policy
# Setup cache
# @log.debug "Blockdown initiated. Logs at #{logFile}"
# Should we use the cache?
# Setup cache.
# Currently, we only use the cache to render the Blockdown (Markdown) content
# if the theme hasn’t changed.
# We are now using the cache both during development and production as we
# use the content cache to calculate the diff of changes since the last
# deployment.
# TODO: Once we’ve separated and optimised content and theme rendering, we can implement
# ===== caching for the template also.
decideCachePolicy: =>
setupCache: =>
# Note: I do not trust the cache for use in production so we detect that and turn it off.
# ===== A production deployment should always do a full, clean build.
if app.isRunningInProduction
console.log "\t✓ Better is running in production, not using the cache feature."
@useContentCache == false
cacheDirectory = path.join app.homeDirectory, '.private', 'cache'
themeCacheCurrentModifiedTimesFile = path.join cacheDirectory, 'current-modified-times', 'themes.json'
themeCachePreviousModifiedTimesFile = path.join cacheDirectory, 'previous-modified-times', 'themes.json'
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