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Updated deployment instructions in the readme.

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......@@ -40,11 +40,15 @@ Visit `http://localhost:3000` to see the updated site and *~/
dokku docker-options:add run "-v /root/"
6. Create the data repository:
6. Clone the data and theme repositories (you must first create the data folders, initialise with a basic
i. `cd ~/`
ii. `git clone`
ii. `git clone`
ii. `git clone`
iii. `git clone`
iv. `git clone`
v. `git clone`
7. In the data repository: `git remote add site`
7. In the data-for-site repository: `git remote add site`
8. Set up post-push and post-merge webhooks on Gitlab for both the Builder and Content repositories to point to `https://url/for/your/installation/build/(`
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