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Builds the data for the Better site and app using authored Better content in Blockdown format.
## Development
## Installation
Normally, you will not need to install this project manually, as the [Better iOS app]( will install it for you. In case you want to install it separately from the iOS app, just run:
## Usage
To generate the data, run:
To start the fully-offline local development environment and run your first build of the Better content, run:
To see the generated site, visit `http://localhost:3000`
To see the generated app data, run the [Better app]( in the iOS Simulator.
To see the generated app data, run the [Better iOS app]( in the iOS Simulator.
To update the generated data (locally):
### Updating generated data locally
1. Make a change to a Blockdown format file in your local working copy of the content repository (*~/*)
2. `git commit -am "Your change"`
3. `git push`
3. `git push origin master`
At this point, your commit will simulate the Gitlab web hook that the production environment uses and trigger the Better build process. That, in turn, will push to the local site.
Visit `http://localhost:3000` to see the updated site and *~/* for the updated WebKit blocker list.
## Pushing to live
If you have commit rights to the content or theme repositories, you can push to live with:
git push live master
## Deployment
Deploying content updates to the production environment is done via Git tags. If you have commit rights for the content repository, you can deploy to the production environment with:
1. `git tag -s "YYYYMMDD-000N"`
2. `git push live --tags`
This will trigger a build on **.
The results will be available on next load for the iOS apps and immediately [on the Better web site](
You can also see the results of the build on []( in the [app]( and [site]( generated data repositories.
## Production
To run Better in production, you will need to set up three servers:
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