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# Content authoring guidelines

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## Copywriting

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* Be brief: do not quote the whole privacy policy; pick out interesting bits.

* You can editorialise (with restraint). Sometimes you just have to laugh at the ridiculousness of some of the trackers that we’re covering. It also helps, when trudging through the cesspit of surveillance capitalism to retain our humour. And it also makes the pages more interesting to read (we don’t want to create a dry database). Please only add editorial comments for something unusually important or to highlight egregious abuses. A good rule of thumb would be: “would this make a good slide in a presentation to illustrate the problem with this particular thing or practice?” Editorial comments should be brief, marked with ‘– Ed.’ and limited to at most one per tracker.

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## Images

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* Use images (sparingly). Not every humdrum tracker page needs images. However, if you are making an editorial comment and you feel that a visual aid is important in highlighting the point, please feel free to use images. Images and screenshots should be 1,160px wide (to display well at their 580pt width on high resolution screens). Please resize and compress images properly. On Mac, [ImageOptim]( is a great application for compressing PNGs and [PhotoBulk]( is a convenient app for converting between formats.

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## Quotes

* We use consistent quotation style in the content:
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  * Outer quotes are typographical (curly) double quotes: “…”
  * Inner quotes are typographical (curly) single quotes ‘…’

  *e.g “At this time, we do not honor ‘Do Not Track’ headers and similar mechanisms.”*

* If quoted text has quote marks, they should be updated accordingly to match our quotation style. Please do not leave typewriter quotes ("…") in quoted text.