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# **Amobee, Inc.** (

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> “We at Amobee offer digital advertising solutions to the largest publishers, advertisers and agencies and mobile operators. In delivering this advertising, we collect and use certain information about mobile and web consumers like you.” – [Source](

![Amobee Political Intelligence](/trackers/

> It’s getting political – Ed.
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## Ethical design violations

(Learn more about [Ethical Design](

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  * Web bug
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## Notes

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  * Owned by Amobee, Inc. [Source](
  * Does not obey Do Not Track (“[W]e do not alter our behavior or change our web services upon receiving a ‘Do Not Track’ request.”). [Source]( [But they do obey Better… funny that! – Ed.]
  ***Information we get from third parties.** **We may collect personal information and non-personal information about you from third parties.** This information may include name, address, e-mail address, IP address, categorical attributes and demographic information. This information may be licensed or purchased and the use of the information complies with the privacy policy pursuant to which the data was originally collected, as well as local law.” [Source](
  * “We use the information we collect to serve advertisements to you and to target and analyze consumer behavior.” [Source](
  * “We may enhance profiles using cross-device technology … For example, you might use browsers on a smartphone, tablet, laptop and a desktop computer, or you may use multiple browsers on the same device. Cross-device technology may tell us that the same user is using multiple devices (or multiple browsers on the same device) either through deterministic methods or by statistical correlation. When we determine that you use two or more devices (or browsers on the same device), we may target advertisements to you across the device (or browsers on the same device).” [Source](
  * “While **we may engage in behavioral targeted advertising for common everyday health topics such as colds, coughs and heartburn**, we do not collect data or engage in behavioral targeted advertising based on past, present or potential future medical conditions or treatments or sex life.” [Source](
  * “We sometimes support our behavioral targeted advertising with demographic, categorical or performance information (such as the types of e-mails that users have opened or clicked on in the past) extracted from our e-mail lists, however we always first remove or anonymize all personal information.” [Source](

  ***Precise Location Data.** To target advertising, we may use precise location information, including latitude and longitude.” [Source](

  ***Mobile Data.** To support behavioral targeted advertising, we may collect and/or use data from mobile devices, such as the content of apps and event information shared by the apps, or information from mobile carriers such as de-identified device location or anonymous identifiers associated with the mobile devices.” [Source](

  ***Contextual Data.** To support contextual advertising, we may collect data about web pages, including page content and page URLs.” [Source](

  ***IP addresses.** To support targeted advertising campaigns, outside the EU, we may collect your IP address.” [Source](

  ***Web beacons.** To determine whether you have opened or clicked on an advertisement, we include a unique identifier in our marketing e-mails called a web beacon or pixel.” [Source]( [Or, as we call them, Web Bugs. – Ed.]