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# Better
Creating the *web we want* by blocking *what we don’t want*.
Better protects you from unethical web sites. It makes your web experience safer, lighter, and faster.
# Blockdown
Better enforces the [Ethical Design Manifesto]( It helps the Web respect human rights, effort, and experience.
Blockdown blocks web content that violates the principles of the [Ethical Design Manifesto](
Better is curated by, a social enterprise that defends human rights. It’s free, open, and transparent.
In other words, content that doesn’t respect human rights, human effort, and/or human experience.
## Content
Blockdown is curated by [](, a social enterprise dedicated to protecting human rights in the digital age.
This repository contains the Better content: Better’s database of information on trackers and other malware as well as the web sites that host them.
Instead of a long, meaningless list of content blocking rules in a format that only a computer could love, Blockdown is written in plain human-legible language.
This content is in Blockdown format. Blockdown is an extension of Markdown with special vocabulary to describe web malware. Blockdown can also contain WebKit content blocking rules. The Blockdown pages in Better’s content repository both describe web malware and contain the rules to block them.
The community can fork and edit entries as well as suggest new ones.
This content is processed by [Better Builder]( to generate the [Better web site]( as well as the data for the [Better iOS App](, including a WebKit `blockerList.json` file.
You can view the rendered Blockdown at [](
A seminal advantage of Better is that its database is human-readable, open, and extensible via pull requests. (The database is curated by using the Ethical Design Manifesto as the criteria for blocking rules.)
Blockdown will be available for iOS and on Mac as a Safari extension.
Contributing to the content is as easy as creating an account on []( and editing a content page in your browser.s
## Content update process
## I’m not a developer, I just want to experience a Better web.
1. Clone the builder project
2. Run `./install` and `./dev`
3. Go to `~/` and make your local changes.
4. Test at http://localhost:3000
5. Commit your changes
6. Push your changes to the origin remote: `git push origin master`
7. When you’re happy with them (and you have commit rights), push to the live repository: `git push live master`
Get Better from the App Store.
If you do not have commit rights, add a remote for your own fork, push there, and then send a merge request.
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## How can I support Better?
Buying Better on the App Store is one way to support us. If you want to help with the ongoing costs of developing and maintaining Better, you can [donate to]( or, even better, [become a patron]( by setting up a recurring donation.
## I’m a developer, let me in!
The easiest way to get started is to follow the instructions in the readme for the [Better iOS app]( repository.
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