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# Nielsen Online (
> “Nielsen Online, a service of the Nielsen Company, provides measurement and analysis of online audiences, advertising, video, consumer-generated media, word of mouth, commerce and consumer behavior.” – [Source](
## Ethical design violations
* Tracker
* Web bug
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* Aggressive
* Doorslam
* Clickbait
* Fingerprint
## Block rule
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in future passes.
**Block domain**
- trigger:
- url-filter:
- load-type: third-party
- action:
- type: block
## Popularity
* <!-- foundOnNumberOfSites -->(foundOnNumberOfSites)<!-- /foundOnNumberOfSites -->
<!-- Optional:
## Notes
* Any special notes you have may go here.
## Notes
* [ is a domain owned by The Nielsen Company](
* imrworldwide is used to host Nielsen video analytics and beacons. [Source](
* “Nielsen works with various companies including data providers, advertisers, and publishers to measure the effectiveness and reach of content viewed on the Internet no matter what kind of device people use. For example, advertisers are able to better understand campaign performances across TV, computer, and mobile audiences.” [Source](
* “Participating companies include proprietary Nielsen measurement software in their content on their chosen sites, ads, apps, and video players. When we use the word "content," we mean audio, video, ad campaigns and any other static or dynamic media users might encounter or engage with. The Nielsen proprietary measurement software embedded in the content uses tags (including cookies, pixel tags, and our software contained in mobile applications) or watermarks to gather information to help understand what content users are exposed to and interact with, what advertising campaigns are effective, and the aggregated demographic composition of a website's or application's visitors or viewers of digital content.” [Source](
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