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Added the rest of the ethical design violation badges to the blockdown section of the readme.

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## Guide to Blockdown
Better content is authored in Blockdown.
Blockdown is Markdown with an extended high-level vocabulary for describing web malware for the Better database.
### Sites
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This gets automatically translated by [Better Builder]( to a badge similar to the one below:
![Screenshot of the trackers badge](images/readme/blockdown-trackers-badge-example.png)
![Screenshot of the trackers badge](images/readme/blockdown/trackers-badge-example.png)
Specifically, the builder counts the number of trackers for you and juxtapositions that with the number of third-party sites that you entered manually.
Tapping on the badge displays a popover with links to the actual trackers.
![Screenshot of the trackers popover](images/readme/blockdown-trackers-popover-example.png)
![Screenshot of the trackers popover](images/readme/blockdown/trackers-popover-example.png)
Trackers is the only section that is required for a site entry. The other badges should be used as and when they apply to a site.
#### Aggressive
* Aggressive: Attempts to block content blockers.
![Screenshot of the Aggressive Badge](images/readme/blockdown/aggressive-badge-example.png)
#### Doorslam
* Doorslam: Interrupts and blocks using modal dialogs.
![Screenshot of the Doorslam Badge](images/readme/blockdown/doorslam-badge-example.png)
#### Clickbait
* Clickbait: Uses exploitative, addictive content syndication network(s).
![Screenshot of the Clickbait Badge](images/readme/blockdown/clickbait-badge-example.png)
#### Fingerprint
* Fingerprint: Uses hidden Canvas fingerprinting.
![Screenshot of the Fingerprint Badge](images/readme/blockdown/fingerprint-badge-example.png)
#### Web Bugs
* Web bugs: Uses invisible tracking pixels.
![Screenshot of the Web Bugs Badge](images/readme/blockdown/web-bugs-badge-example.png)
We might create new badges as and when we find new types of web malware and unethical practices to document and warn people about.
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