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## Notes
* [Browsing your website does not mean I want your spam](https://medium.com/art-marketing/browsing-your-website-does-not-mean-i-want-your-spam-3821267e902#.nvgz1cjt0): blog post by Fred Benenson on the email spam he received due to Criteo’s tracking: “Criteo enables spammers to enroll innocent users browsing the web to 3rd party newsletters.”
* “Criteo specializes in creating personalized advertisements. We work with online partners to build advertisements for users who visit their website or mobile applications and with publishers to display personalized advertisements.” [Source](http://www.criteo.com/privacy/full-privacy-text/)
* “The browser cookies track the products viewed by the visitor and pages visited of the partner for whom Criteo is delivering ads. Pixel tags are used by Criteo to transfer browsing data from visitors of our partner's websites to Criteo's servers.” [Source](http://www.criteo.com/privacy/full-privacy-text/)
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