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# ONE Ad Server by AOL (
> “ONE by AOL: Publishers is a simple, unified programmatic solution designed to help publishers maximize monetization across every format and channel.” – [Source](
> See [](/trackers/
## Ethical design violations
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## Notes
* [ redirects to](
*[We] do not use or allow others to use sensitive data to determine eligibility for health insurance, life insurance, or employment. We also do not target ads to users based on sensitive health data, including cancer, mental health-related conditions, and sexually-related areas.” [Source](
* “We also get data from other sources to help us provide more effective advertising. For example, we may use data that is available from public or commercial sources and combine it with other data we have collected or received about a user or the user's device.” [Source](
* “Please note that, like AOL, these companies and other third parties not listed above may use cookies, web beacons, and similar technologies on or in connection with our Services.” [Source](
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* [ redirects to](
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