Commit 7fa1df97 authored by Laura Kalbag's avatar Laura Kalbag

Hide gaps left by blocked adtech on Closes #515

parent c62d07ed
......@@ -63,7 +63,7 @@ Statistics by [Better Inspector]( based o
- url-filter:
- load-type: first-party
- action:
- selector: div.teaser_meldungen, .bcadv_oben, .us_ad, .akwa-ad-container, .akwa-ad-container__us-ad, .teaser_hbs, .teaser_deal_des_tages
- selector: div.teaser_meldungen, .bcadv_oben, .us_ad, .akwa-ad-container, .akwa-ad-container__us-ad, .teaser_hbs, .teaser_deal_des_tages, .a-paternoster-ad
- type: css-display-none
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