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Add Tapad to trackers Progress towards #152.

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# Tapad (
> Brief description of the tracker – [Source](link)
> “Tapad Inc. is a venture-funded startup company that develops and markets software and services for cross-device advertising and content delivery. It uses algorithms to analyze internet and device data and predict whether two or more devices are owned by the same person.” – [Source](
## Ethical design violations
* Tracker
* Web bug
<!-- Other ethical design violation badges go here. Valid ones are:
* Aggressive
* Doorslam
* Clickbait
* Fingerprint
* Web bug
## Block rule
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## Notes
* None yet.
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* “In order to establish connections between devices, to provide insights and reporting to partners, and to provide more relevant ads to users, we collect and store select information about devices directly from the device. We may also receive additional information about the device or the individual from partners with an existing relationship with the individual or from other third parties. For example, we may receive inferred demographic data, user-declared demographic data, or obfuscated user login data.” [Source](
* “A pixel is a piece of code which is used by a website or third party to assign online activities to a computer or browser. The use of a pixel allows websites and us to record, for example, that a user has visited a particular web page or clicked on a particular ad.” [Source](
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