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Added a few more preliminary stats and calculations.

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* If all visitors used Better, it would save just over 570 years of time spent loading third-party trackers and 570 terabytes of data per month. That 570 years of loading time also represents quite a cumulative drain on batteries.
* In just page load time, we save ~8 seconds per load. This adds up to almost 66 years additionally that people actually spend waiting for pages to load. That’s almost one lifetime (4).
* The 570 years of loading time saved translates to over 160,000 full-battery depletions on the most energy efficient phone we could find statistics for (Gionee Marathon M5) (see 11). If, on the other hand, everyone was on an iPhone, we would be saving over 350,000 full battery depletions.
* Better would save people who visit in the US on their mobile phones over $3 million each month in data costs (7, 8).
* These are the costs of the attention economy. These are the costs of surveillance capitalism. These are the cost of behavioural advertising. Human lifetimes lost. Millions of dollars wasted. Every month. And these are just the numbers for *one site*.
......@@ -236,6 +237,9 @@ Some explanation of the block rule.
6. 87% of their traffic is from the US [LifeBuzz](
7. 570,000GB × 0.87 × 0.56 × $13.01 = $3,612,929.04 (Based on SimilarWeb’s US mobile statistics)
8. 570,000GB × 0.87 × 0.82 × $13.01 = $5,290,360.38 (Based on LifeBuzz’s own mobile statistics. It is not known if the 82% mobile traffic stastic applies equally to their US traffic, so we should, at best, take this as a theoretical maximum). We’ll go with ⓖ as a conservative estimate.
9. Gionee Marathon M5, most energy efficient phone in the [GSM Arena Battery Test](
10. Another set of battery life benchmarks [iClarified](
11. 4.99662E+06/30.88 = 161,807.64249 full battery depletions
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