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# Dstillery (
> “Dstillery uses proprietary social targeting technology to deliver relevant ads to consumers.” – [Source](
## Ethical design violations
* Tracker
* Web bug
<!-- Other ethical design violation badges go here. Valid ones are:
* Aggressive
* Doorslam
* Clickbait
* Fingerprint
## Block rule
The original block rule is automatically generated by Better Inspector.
If you want to edit it, you may. The Inspector will not touch your edits
in future passes.
**Block domain**
- trigger:
- url-filter:
- load-type: third-party
- action:
- type: block
## Popularity
* <!-- foundOnNumberOfSites -->(foundOnNumberOfSites)<!-- /foundOnNumberOfSites -->
<!-- Optional:
## Notes
* Any special notes you have may go here.
## Notes
* [ redirects to](
* “As a data science company, we are interested in patterns of web browser IDs in order to understand consumer behaviors.” [Source](
* “Dstillery’s technology collects information about the website(s) that you visit (including this Website), the mobile apps that you use and the ads that you see. And where we can reasonably infer that a particularly computer or device belong to the same household, we may extend our advertising and targeting capabilities across multiple devices. You may encounter our technology when: Dstillery or one of our clients purchases digital ads on a website that you visit or a mobile app that you use or when one of our clients places a web beacon on a website that you visit.” [Source](
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