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Block stickyadstv tracker as found on

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# **StickyADS (FreeWheel)** (
> “ powers publisher exchanges with technology for video and TV advertising” – [Source](
## Ethical design violations
(Learn more about [Ethical Design](
* (Tracker)
<!-- Other ethical design violation badges go here. Valid ones are:
* (Aggressive)
* (Doorslam)
* (Clickbait)
* (Fingerprint)
* (Web bug)
<!-- If there are decentralised or more ethical alternatives to a cloud service, list them here.
## Decentralised alternatives
Decentralised, free and open alternatives that adhere better to the [Ethical Design Manifesto](
* None yet.
## Block rule
The original block rule is automatically generated by Better Inspector.
If you want to edit it, you may. The Inspector will not touch your edits
in future passes.
**Block domain**
- trigger:
- url-filter:
- load-type: third-party
- action:
- type: block
## Prevalence
<!-- prevalence -->
**Moderate:** found on 0.8% of surveyed sites (58 instances observed).
<!-- /prevalence -->
## Notes
* “ joined FreeWheel” [Source](
* “If you access the Sites via a third party website, we encourage you to read their individual privacy policies and any terms and conditions to understand how they apply to any data you might permit them to share with us… You use such Sites at your own risk.” [Privacy Policy](
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