Update rutarget.ru based on info provided by company

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# **RuTarget** (rutarget.ru)
# **RuTarget** by Segmento.ru (rutarget.ru)
> “[A]d tech company developing on-demand solutions which help business to analyse, predict and target digital communications.” – [Source](https://angel.co/rutarget-ru)
......@@ -42,4 +42,5 @@ rutarget.ru
* No public web site (403 error on rutarget.ru)
* No privacy policy.
* [Their Twitter account](https://twitter.com/RuTarget)
* [Their CEO’s LinkedIn](https://www.linkedin.com/in/eugene-liogkiy-aa3b0a11)
* The site now redirects to segmento.ru and the company has informed us that they now ‘use only one brand for all communication’ ([Source](https://twitter.com/RuTarget/status/789069481272283136))
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