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# **33Across, Inc.** (

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> “Monetize mobile web traffic with mobile in-feed video” – [Source](

![A 33across video ad featuring orange smoke blowing across the screen](/trackers/

> Don’t know about you, but it looks to us like they’re just blowing smoke. – Ed.
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## Ethical design violations

(Learn more about [Ethical Design](

  * (Tracker)
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## Prevalence

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**Moderate:** found on 0.6% of surveyed sites (44 instances observed).
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## Notes

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  * “Get the full picture of what content is performing and what’s shared privately.” [Source]( [Surely, not being ‘shared privately’, then, is it? – Ed.]
  * “33Across provides Products that enable Clients to gain insights into how their content is being consumed and shared by end-users. Using browser cookie technology, end-user data is collected across multiple websites to provide these insights and consists of behavioral information regarding the web pages they visit and/or the actions they take on websites, such as copying or sharing content, clicking on hyperlinks or advertising on the page, or signing up for products or services offered by our Clients.” [Source](
  * “Some of our Products insert advertising from our partners on our Client websites. We record information that an ad was requested or shown, and any user interactions with the ad or the page where the ad appears.” [Source](
  * “When we refer to Non-PII in this policy, we mean information that does not use **a commonly recognized identifier** such as name, address, email, or telephone number to identify a particular person.” [Source]( [Hmm… how about uncommon ones…? – Ed.]
  * “Keep in mind that in certain contexts and jurisdictions, some information that we in this policy regard as Non-PII, such as IP addresses, may be regarded as “personal data” under data protection legislation in the European Union and elsewhere.” [Source]( [Look into my eyes, not around the eyes… – Ed.]
  * “Some of our business partners (for example, Google Analytics) or Clients may set or use their own cookies on our Website or through the Products we provide. However, we have no access to or control over these cookies.” [Source]( [Umm, yes you do… you can choose not to use those services. Oh, but wait, you’re in the same business… our bad. –Ed.]
  * [Privacy policy](