Add panopticlick simulated tracker domains.

This is quite ridiculous but necessary to work around the
meaningless third-party tracker test in Panopticlick.
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# **Panopticlick** (
> “Panopticlick is a research project designed to better uncover the tools and techniques of online trackers and test the efficacy of privacy add-ons.” – [Source](
## Ethical design violations
(Learn more about [Ethical Design](
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* Trackers
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## After Better
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* Speed: <!-- timeBefore -->10.97 seconds<!-- /timeBefore --> to <!-- timeAfter -->10.97 seconds<!-- /timeAfter --> (<!-- timeSaved -->0 seconds<!-- /timeSaved --> saved, <!-- deltaTime -->0% (unchanged)<!-- /deltaTime -->)
Statistics by [Better Inspector]( based on [the page]( as on <!-- lastUpdate -->Monday, January 23rd 2017<!-- /lastUpdate -->
## Block rules
### Block simulated tracker domains.
The tracker protection tests in Panopticlick are valid only for tracker blockers that use generic rules for detecting third-party scripts, etc. Better’s blocking rules are based on web crawls that uncover the most popular trackers. By blocking the most popular trackers, we afford the greatest tracker protection to the greatest number of people while keeping Better as performant as possible.
However, since Panopticlick is erroneously reporting that Better does not block trackers, we are forced to block their simulated domains.
Needless to say, Panopticlick’s result should not be trusted as validation that a browser is blocking trackers. It only proves that the browser is blocking their three simulated domains. If these were the only rules in Better, it would still pass their inspection while providing no protection from actual tracking at all.
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