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<!DOCTYPE html><html lang="en"><head>
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	<title data-set-text="title">Home | Better</title>
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	<meta property="og:title" content="Better">
	<meta property="og:description" content="Better is a privacy tool for Safari that protects you from trackers and privacy-eroding ads on the web.">
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	<meta property="twitter:card" content="summary_large_image">
	<meta property="twitter:description" content="Better is a privacy tool for Safari that protects you from trackers and privacy-eroding ads on the web.">
<body data-set-attribute="class category" class="home">

	<header class="site-header" data-set-text="html header"><nav class="site-navigation">
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	<main data-set-text="html content"><div class="logo-wrap">
	<img class="no-frame logo" alt="" src="/images/badge.png">

<div class="home-wrap">
	<h1 class="home">Better</h1>

	<div class="review">
			<p class="quote-and-rating">
				<span class="quote"><span class="quote-mark-left"></span>It just works!<span class="quote-mark-right"></span></span> <span class="rating rating-5">5 stars</span></p>
			<p class="reviews-link">Read more <a href="/reviews">App Store reviews of Better</a></p>

	<p><strong>Better is a privacy tool for Safari on iPhone, iPad, and Mac</strong>. We protect you from behavioural ads and companies that track and profile you on the web.</p>

	<div class="downloads">
		<a href=";mt=8" class="download-on-the-app-store"><img class="download-on-the-app-store-badge" alt="Download on the App Store" src="images/download-on-app-store-badge.svg"></a>
		<a href=";mt=12" class="download-on-mac-app-store"><img src="images/download-on-the-mac-app-store.svg" class="no-frame" alt="Download on the Mac App Store"></a>

	<a class="photo-frame" href="" title="Laura, Osky, and Aral">
	    <img class="team-photo" src="images/team.jpg" alt="Laura, Oskar the dog &amp; Aral">

	<p>Better is hand-crafted by <a href=""></a>, a tiny two-person-and-one-husky not-for-profit striving for social justice in the digital network age. We curate our own unique blocking rules for Better based on the principles of <a href="">Ethical Design</a>.</p>

	<p>To support us, you can purchase Better on the App Store for iPhone, iPad and Mac. You can also <a href="">become a patron</a> or <a href="">make a one-time donation</a> to fund our work at</p>

	<p class="thankyou">Thank you for helping us make the web better.</p>
	<footer class="site-footer">
		<div class="footer-wrap">
			<a href=""><img src="/images/indie.svg" alt="" class="indie-logo"></a>
			<h2>Made in Cork by <a href=""></a></h2>
			<p id="privacy"><small><strong><a href="/legal">Privacy Policy:</a></strong> We exist to protect your privacy.</small></p>
			<p><small>All content on this site, except <a href="/legal">our trademarks</a>, is released under <a href="">Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International</a>. <a href="" class="view-source">View Source</a></small></p>
			<div data-set-if="category isNot home" class="downloads" style="display: none;">
				<a href=";mt=8" class="download-on-the-app-store"><img class="download-on-the-app-store-badge" alt="Download on the App Store" src="/images/download-on-app-store-badge-black.svg"></a>
				<a href=";mt=12" class="download-on-mac-app-store"><img src="/images/download-on-the-mac-app-store-black.svg" class="no-frame" alt="Download on the Mac App Store"></a>

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	<script src="/scripts/better.js"></script>