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<!-- Mar 28th -->
<li class="h-entry major-update">
<time class="dt-published" datetime="2017-03-27">28<span class="month">Mar</span></time>
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<h2 class="p-name">App update: iPhone, iPad, &amp; Mac</h2>
<img class="no-frame" src="/images/news/better-exceptions.jpg" alt="Screenshot of the Better exceptions screen">
<h3 style="margin-top: -1em;" '="">Release notes</h3>
<ul class="summary-list">
<li><strong>New:</strong> Full accessibility support across iOS and macOS.</li>
<li><strong>New:</strong> iCloud-synced exceptions list enables you to turn Better off for certain sites.</li>
<li><strong>New:</strong> Use the Email Us feature on the Exceptions screen to alert us if a particular site does not play nice with Better so we can fix it for everyone.</li>
<li><strong>New:</strong> Unified interface and experience across iOS and macOS.</li>
<li><strong>Fixed:</strong> The Mac app no longer displays erroneous “Better is not active” notifications on lock screen and when the screensaver is active.</li>
<li><strong>Fixed:</strong> The Mac app only notifies you when a data update is actually downloaded, not every time it checks for an update.</li>
<li><strong>Improved:</strong> The iOS app has a faster interface and better data loading performance.</li>
<li>Lots of other miscellaneous bug fixes and little improvements.</li>
<!-- Mar 27th -->
<li class="h-entry major-update">
<time class="dt-published" datetime="2017-03-27">27<span class="month">Mar</span></time>
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