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! Better content blocking rules.
! Generated on Sat Dec 08 2018 10:03:53 GMT+0000 (UTC)
! Generated on Sat Dec 08 2018 10:05:41 GMT+0000 (UTC)
! Automatically converted to EasyList format for use in uBlock Origin, etc.
......@@ -948,9 +948,6 @@>*.ytd-iframe-companion-ren
! Block:
! Block:
! Block:
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<ul class="posts-list">
<!-- December 8th -->
<li class="h-entry">
<time class="dt-published" datetime="2018-12-08">8<span class="month">Dec</span></time>
<div class="summary">
<ul class="summary-list">
<li><strong>Fix:</strong> avatars now load correctly on (<a href="">see issue #859</a>)</li>
<!-- December 7th-->
<li class="h-entry major-update">
<time class="dt-published" datetime="2018-112-07">7<span class="month">Dec</span></time>
......@@ -76,12 +76,11 @@ Decentralised, free and open alternatives that adhere better to the [Ethical Des
If you want to edit it, you may. The Inspector will not touch your edits
in future passes.
<p><strong>Block domain</strong></p>
<pre><code class="mson"><span class="punctuation">-</span> <span class="key top-level">trigger</span><span class="punctuation">:</span>
<span class="punctuation">-</span> <span class="key">url-filter</span><span class="punctuation">:</span> <span class="value"></span>
<span class="punctuation">-</span> <span class="key">load-type</span><span class="punctuation">:</span> <span class="value">third-party</span>
<span class="punctuation">-</span> <span class="key top-level">action</span><span class="punctuation">:</span>
<span class="punctuation">-</span> <span class="key">type</span><span class="punctuation">:</span> <span class="value">block</span>
<span class="punctuation">-</span> <span class="key">type</span><span class="punctuation">:</span> <span class="value">block-cookies</span>
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