Commit cfb2ed6e authored by Aral Balkan's avatar Aral Balkan

Merge branch 'installation-fix' into 'master'

Return success value on exit of install script

Previously, the termination signal sent to the builder
process was being bubbled through as the exit status
and the main Better installer was failing because
of it.

See merge request !9
parents 501eeb49 54eec3c8
...@@ -378,6 +378,11 @@ flagEnd(){ ...@@ -378,6 +378,11 @@ flagEnd(){
rm /tmp/ rm /tmp/
} }
echo "Better Builder successfully installed."
exit 0
ensureDependenciesExist(){ ensureDependenciesExist(){
ensureCoffeeScriptExists ensureCoffeeScriptExists
...@@ -405,6 +410,7 @@ main(){ ...@@ -405,6 +410,7 @@ main(){
ensureDependenciesExist ensureDependenciesExist
installSelf installSelf
flagEnd flagEnd
} }
main main
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