Commit fc9f9055 authored by Aral Balkan's avatar Aral Balkan

Further temporary workarounds for deployment

parent c9071fc1
...@@ -224,11 +224,11 @@ class App ...@@ -224,11 +224,11 @@ class App
# These are templates common to both themes. # These are templates common to both themes.
commonTheme = commonTheme =
news: '' #fs.readFileSync (path.join commonTemplatesDirectory, 'news/index.html'), 'utf-8' news: '' #fs.readFileSync (path.join commonTemplatesDirectory, 'news/index.html'), 'utf-8'
spotlight: fs.readFileSync (path.join commonTemplatesDirectory, 'spotlight/index.html'), 'utf-8' spotlight: '' #fs.readFileSync (path.join commonTemplatesDirectory, 'spotlight/index.html'), 'utf-8'
sites: '' #fs.readFileSync (path.join commonTemplatesDirectory, 'sites/index.html'), 'utf-8' sites: '' #fs.readFileSync (path.join commonTemplatesDirectory, 'sites/index.html'), 'utf-8'
trackers: fs.readFileSync (path.join commonTemplatesDirectory, 'trackers/index.html'), 'utf-8' trackers: '' #fs.readFileSync (path.join commonTemplatesDirectory, 'trackers/index.html'), 'utf-8'
improvements: fs.readFileSync (path.join commonTemplatesDirectory, 'partials/improvements.html'), 'utf-8' improvements: '' #fs.readFileSync (path.join commonTemplatesDirectory, 'partials/improvements.html'), 'utf-8'
table: fs.readFileSync (path.join commonTemplatesDirectory, 'partials/table.html'), 'utf-8' table: '' #fs.readFileSync (path.join commonTemplatesDirectory, 'partials/table.html'), 'utf-8'
@appTheme = @appTheme =
header: fs.readFileSync (path.join appTemplatesDirectory, 'header.html'), 'utf-8' header: fs.readFileSync (path.join appTemplatesDirectory, 'header.html'), 'utf-8'
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