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Update news for 2019 and to reflect recent blocking rules update

Block blocker blocker on Fix Block adtech on
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<h1 class='news'>News</h1>
<h2 class='year' id='year-2019'>2019</h2>
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<!-- February 5th -->
<li class='h-entry major-update'>
<time class='dt-published' datetime='2019-02-05'>5<span class='month'>Feb</span></time>
<div class='summary'>
<h2 class='p-name'>New blocking rules!</h2>
<ul class='summary-list'>
<li>Laura fixed one broken site, blocked a blocker blocker on another site, and adtech on a third site.</li>
<li><strong>Fix:</strong> content now loads correctly on <a href='sites/'></a> (<a href=''>see issue #728</a>)</li>
<li><strong>Block blocker blocker:</strong> on <a href='sites/'></a>. (<a href=''>see issue #873</a>)</li>
<li><strong>Blocked:</strong> First-party adtech is now blocked on <a href='sites/'></a> (<a href=''>see issue #858</a>)</li>
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