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Remove the We Work For You section on the homepage, move to Support

For now
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<p class='reviews-link'>Read more <a href='/reviews'>App Store reviews of Better</a></p>
<p><strong>We work for you, not for the advertising industry.</strong> We built Better because we’re tired of the deceptive practices of other “ad blockers” like AdBlock Plus (ABP) and Ghostery. Ghostery tells you they protect you from advertising and yet <a href=''>they get paid by the advertising industry</a>. ABP has an “acceptable ads” policy that whitelists ads from the biggest trackers (like Google) in exchange for meeting some superficial criteria <a href=''>and lots of money</a>. In contrast, we make money directly from sales of Better. You pay for Better and you’re our customer. It’s an honest and straightforward exchange.</p>
<p>To find out more about how Better differs from other blockers, please read our <a href=''>introductory blog post</a>.
<h2 id='respectful-ads'>Respectful Ads Manifesto</h2>
<p><strong>The only ads we do not block are respectful ads</strong>.</p>
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