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<li><strong>Add the domain to Exceptions</strong> by going to the Exceptions tab, and adding the domain’s URL to your Exceptions list. This will affect every time you load this domain in Safari.</li>
<h3 id='app-or-extension'>Should I download the Better app or use the extension from the Safari Extensions gallery?</h3>
<p>Both the app on the Mac App Store and the extension from the Safari Extensions gallery have the same blocking rules that protect you from tracking on the web. However the Mac app (and the iOS app) also have an <a href='#how-does-exceptions-work'>Exceptions list</a> so you can choose not to use Better on certain sites, and report sites that aren’t working well with Better enabled.</p>
<h3 id='two-extensions'>I have two Better Safari Extensions, which should I use?</h3>
<p>You might end up with two Better Safari Extensions if you downloaded the Better extension from the Extensions Gallery, and you also bought Better for Mac. You can safely uninstall the extension you downloaded from the Extensions Gallery:</p>
<li>Go to Safari &gt; Preferences &gt; Extensions</li>
<li>Select the Better extension that is called “Better 1.0 by” (see screenshot below)</li>
<li>Select the “Uninstall” button to safely uninstall the extension</li>
<li>Ensure the checkbox alongside the other Better extension is checked to enable Better</li>
<h3 id='extension-permissions'>Why does the Better extension say it does not have permission to read or transmit content?</h3>
<p>Better doesn’t need to read or transmit content from your webpages. It doesn’t need to see any of your traffic, and that is by design. Better just passes Better’s block list on to Safari so Safari knows what to block for you. We can’t see any of your traffic, and we don’t want to!</p>
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<p id='better-for-android'>We will not make Better for Android. Google is the biggest tracker out there and so it <a href="">banned content blockers from its Play store</a>. We are a tiny, independent, bootstrapped two-person team, and we must concentrate our energies on where we can have the most impact. However, others are welcome to port the code or content to Android for <a href="">the F-Droid store</a>, for <a href="">sideloading</a>, or as part of a third-party browser.</p>
<p>The Better Safari Extension comes bundled with Better for Mac. This means you can’t uninstall it without uninstalling the app itself.</p>
<p>If you want to experience the Better web for yourself, <a href=';mt=8'>download Better from the App Store</a> or <a href=''>build it from source</a>.</p>
<p>If you have any questions or suggestions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with <a href=''>us</a> on <a href=''>the Better support forum</a>, by email at <a href=''></a>, on Mastodon at <a href=''></a>, and on Twitter at <a href=''>@betterblocker</a>.</p>
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