Commit ea008c29 authored by Laura Kalbag's avatar Laura Kalbag
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Remove unnecessary aria roles from navigation

parent b82646bd
<nav class='site-navigation'> <nav class='site-navigation'>
<h2 class='hide'>Navigation</h2> <h2 class='hide'>Navigation</h2>
<ul role='tablist'> <ul>
<li <li data-set-repeat='navigationItem navigationList' data-set-attribute='class navigationItem.class'>
data-set-repeat='navigationItem navigationList' <a data-set-attribute='aria-selected navigationItem.selected; href' data-set-text='navigationItem.label'>
data-set-attribute='class navigationItem.class'
data-set-attribute='aria-selected navigationItem.selected; href'
</a> </a>
</li> </li>
</ul> </ul>
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