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Remove all except one review on homepage

HTML and CSS needs tidying. This is just for copy right now
parent c28b2469
......@@ -11,10 +11,7 @@
<ul class='reviews'>
<li class='review'><span class='quote'>Honest privacy</span> <span class='rating rating-5'>5 stars</span></li>
<li class='review'><span class='quote'>Just what the web needs</span> <span class='rating rating-5'>5 stars</span></li>
<li class='review'><span class='quote'>It just works!</span> <span class='rating rating-5'>5 stars</span></li>
<li class='review last-review'><span class='quote'>Fantastic … a rational, ethical approach to privacy</span> <span class='rating rating-5'>5 stars</span>
<p class='reviews-link'>Read more <a href='/reviews'>App Store reviews of Better</a></p>
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