Commit bee82308 authored by Stanley Shyiko's avatar Stanley Shyiko
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Enabled standalone ia32 packaging

parent ca5e8f27
......@@ -21,10 +21,10 @@
"clean": "rm -rf build",
"build:app": "mkdir -p build && cp -r src build/app && cp package.json build/app && cd build/app && npm i --production && npm un electron-prebuilt",
"build:macosx": "electron-packager build/app electron-har --platform=darwin --arch=x64 --version=0.35.4 --out=build --overwrite --app-bundle-id=com.github.shyiko.ElectronHAR --app-version=$npm_package_version && mv build/electron-har-darwin-x64/{Electron,electron-har} && sed -i 's/>Electron</>electron-har</g' build/electron-har-darwin-x64/",
"build:linux": "electron-packager build/app electron-har --platform=linux --arch=x64 --version=0.35.4 --out=build --overwrite",
"build:linux": "electron-packager build/app electron-har --platform=linux --arch=x64,ia32 --version=0.35.4 --out=build --overwrite",
"build": "npm run clean && npm run build:app && npm run build:macosx && npm run build:linux",
"tar:macosx": "(cd build/electron-har-darwin-x64 && tar -cvzf ../electron-har-$npm_package_version-darwin-x64.tar.gz *)",
"tar:linux": "(cd build/electron-har-linux-x64 && tar -cvzf ../electron-har-$npm_package_version-linux-x64.tar.gz *)",
"tar:macosx": "cd build/electron-har-darwin-x64 && tar -cvzf ../electron-har-$npm_package_version-darwin-x64.tar.gz *",
"tar:linux": "echo x64 ia32 | xargs -n1 -I{} sh -c \"cd build/electron-har-linux-{} && tar -cvzf ../electron-har-$npm_package_version-linux-{}.tar.gz *\"",
"tar": "npm run tar:macosx && npm run tar:linux",
"release": "npm run build && npm run tar"
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