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Add some words about service workers (#461)

* Add some words about service workers

* Add the other env variables
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......@@ -221,10 +221,14 @@ JavaScript, no extra configuration is needed.
### Custom HTML
By default, Bankai starts with an empty HTML document, injecting the tags
mentioned [above](#html). You can also create a custom template as `index.html`,
and Bankai will inject tags into it instead.
If you export your Choo app instance after doing `.mount()`, Bankai respects the
mount location during server side rendering:
// app.js
......@@ -241,6 +245,33 @@ module.exports = app.mount('#app')
### Service Workers
Bankai comes with support for service workers. You can place a service worker
entry point in a file called `sw.js` or `service-worker.js`. Bankai will output
a browserify bundle by the same name.
You can easily register service workers using
choo-service-worker defaults to `/sw.js` for the service worker file name. If
you named your service worker `service-worker.js` instead, do:
Service workers have access to some environment variables:
* __process.env.STYLE_LIST:__ An array of URLs to stylesheet files.
* __process.env.SCRIPT_LIST:__ An array of URLs to script files.
* __process.env.ASSET_LIST:__ An array of URLs to assets.
* __process.env.DOCUMENT_LIST:__ An array of URLs to server-rendered routes.
* __process.env.MANIFEST_LIST:__ An array containing the URL to the manifest
* __process.env.FILE_LIST:__ An array of URLs to assets and routes. This can
be used to add all your app's files to a service worker cache.
Bankai can be hooked up directly to an HTTP server, which is useful when
working on full stack code.
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