Commit ec4ca37b authored by 周汉成's avatar 周汉成 Committed by Renée Kooi
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enable reload when necessary (#493)

parent a6089401
......@@ -97,11 +97,16 @@ function Bankai (entry, opts) {
// Insert nodes into the graph.
var documentDependencies = [ 'assets:list', 'manifest:bundle', 'styles:bundle', 'scripts:bundle' ]
if (opts.reload) {
this.graph.node('reload', reloadNode)
this.graph.node('assets', assetsNode)
this.graph.node('documents', [ 'assets:list', 'manifest:bundle', 'styles:bundle', 'scripts:bundle', 'reload:bundle' ], documentNode)
this.graph.node('documents', documentDependencies, documentNode)
this.graph.node('manifest', manifestNode)
this.graph.node('scripts', scriptNode)
this.graph.node('reload', reloadNode)
this.graph.node('service-worker', [ 'assets:list', 'styles:bundle', 'scripts:bundle', 'documents:list' ], serviceWorkerNode)
this.graph.node('styles', [ 'scripts:style', 'scripts:bundle' ], styleNode)
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