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Use tar and gzip instead of zip for greater compatibility at install

(tar and gzip are a standard part of Linux distributions and macOS whereas unzip isn’t)
parent 7c769b70
......@@ -49,13 +49,16 @@ async function build () {
console.log(' • Zipping binaries…')
const zipFileName = `${version}.zip`
// We use tar and gzip here instead of zip as unzip is not a standard
// part of Linux distributions whereas tar and gzip are. We do not use
// gzip directly as that does not maintain the executable flag on the binary.
const zipFileName = `${version}.tar.gz`
const mainSourceDirectory = path.join(__dirname, '..')
const linuxVersionWorkingDirectory = path.join(mainSourceDirectory, linuxVersionPath)
const macOSVersionWorkingDirectory = path.join(mainSourceDirectory, macOSVersionPath)
childProcess.execSync(`zip ${zipFileName} web-server`, {env: process.env, cwd: linuxVersionWorkingDirectory})
childProcess.execSync(`zip ${zipFileName} web-server`, {env: process.env, cwd: macOSVersionWorkingDirectory})
childProcess.execSync(`tar -cvzf ${zipFileName} web-server`, {env: process.env, cwd: linuxVersionWorkingDirectory})
childProcess.execSync(`tar -cvzf ${zipFileName} web-server`, {env: process.env, cwd: macOSVersionWorkingDirectory})
// Copy to web site.
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