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Daemon launch from binary via pm2 now works

parent 71c0250a
......@@ -278,9 +278,28 @@ switch (true) {
// If we are running from a binary, have PM2 launch the binary. e.g., equivalent of:
// pm2 start web-server -x -- /usr/local/bin/bin/web-server.js -- test test/site
// If we’re running under Node directly, run the daemon script.
const daemonPath = path.join(sourceDirectory, 'bin/daemon.js')
const startProcess = childProcess.fork(pm2Path, ['start', daemonPath, '--name', 'web-server', '--', pathToServe], options)
const webserverPath = path.join(sourceDirectory, 'bin/web-server.js')
let startProcess
if (runtime.isNode) {
console.log('Starting daemon using external Node.')
startProcess = childProcess.fork(pm2Path, ['start', daemonPath, '--name', 'web-server', '--', pathToServe], options)
} else if (runtime.isBinary) {
console.log('Starting daemon using web-server binary.')
startProcess = childProcess.fork(pm2Path, ['start', 'web-server', '--execute-command', '--', webserverPath, '--', 'test', pathToServe], options)
} else {
// This should not happen.
console.log('\n 👿 Error: runtime is neither Node or Binary. This should not happen.\n')
startProcess.on('error', error => {
console.log(`\n 👿 Error: could not launch start process.\n`)
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