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Update readme to mention manually-specified port option

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......@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ npm i -g
(On macOS, you must [manually install the dependency](#macos-dependency) for now.)
## Regarding port 443
## Note regarding port 443
The server is started on port 443 by default. This is on purpose as an overarching goal of https-server is to make your development environment mirror your production environment as closely possible to remove that complexity from the code you have to write.
......@@ -42,9 +42,14 @@ macOS instructions courtesy of [Setup authbind on Mac OS](
### Commandline
https-server <folder-to-serve>
https-server [folder-to-serve] [port]
Both arguments are optional. Currently, if you want to specify the port manually, you must also specify the folder-to-serve.
* `[folder-to-serve]` defaults to `.` (the current directory)
* `[port]` defaults to 443. (See [note regarding port 443](#note-regarding-port-443), above.)
If you do not already have TLS certificates, they will be created for you automatically using nodecert.
On Linux, all dependencies will be installed automatically for you if they do not exist (only tested with apt).
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