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Indienet Hub is a federated hub for organisations. A Hub has administrators and members.
An administrator has privileges to add and remove members.
Members are individuals that are represented by the federated personal web sites.
A Hub collates and intermediates the messages from individuals who are members of the Hub. It aims to model how organisations work in tangible space without requiring people to set up separate accounts on the organisations themselves. (So there is no concept of “users” or “user accounts” in the traditional multi-tenant web app model apart from the administrator accounts.)
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iGent is specific implementations of [Indienet Site](../site) and [Indienet Hub](../hub) for the [City of Ghent]( in Belgium.
The goal is to empower the citizens of Ghent with their own place on the Internet, at their own domain which they own and control. This is a hosted, interoperable, federated, free and open, and easy to use system.
Citizens use their personal sites to interact with each other, with the greater fediverse (e.g., Mastodon), and with the departments and services (like Gentinfo) provided by the city of Ghent.
This is the opposite of a Smart City platform. It’s a <strong>Smart Citizen</strong> platform.
## Overview
{{<mermaid align="left">}}
participant A as .Gent
participant B as City
participant C as Services
participant D as Host
participant E as Citizen
participant F as Personal Site
participant G as Other citizens
A->>B: Domain names
B-->C: (Provides)
B->>E: Letter with redemption code
E->>D: Redeem code
E->>D: Choose Domain
D->>F: Setup site (<1 minute)
E->>F: Use
F->>C: Interact with
F->>G: Interact with
{{< /mermaid >}}
title = "Radar"
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Related materials, conversations, etc., from across the web. Stuff that we’re aware of, thinking about, keeping an eye on, or possibly considering.
title = "Site"
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Indienet Site is a basic implementation of a federated personal web site that uses [Indienet Engine](../engine).
## Technology stack
* Engine (see [technology stack](../engine/technology-stack))
* [Nuxt](
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