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<img src='/images/iGent@3x.png' alt='iGent logo' style='width: 10vmax;'>
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iGent is specific implementations of [Indienet Site](../site) and [Indienet Hub](../hub) for the [City of Ghent]( in Belgium.
<a href=''><img src='/images/' alt=' logo' style='width: 20vmax;'></a>
The goal is to empower the citizens of Ghent with their own place on the Internet, at their own domain which they own and control. This is a hosted, interoperable, federated, free and open, and easy to use system.
<h2 style='color: black; font-size: 3vmax;'>Say hello to your friends, the city, and to the world.</h2> empowers the citizens of the [City of Ghent]( in Belgium with their own [federated personal web site](/site) at their own domain. It’s the home of Hallobot, who guides you seamlessly through the process of registering, setting up, and getting onto your own site.
Citizens use their personal sites to interact with each other, with the greater fediverse (e.g., Mastodon), and with the departments and services (like Gentinfo) provided by the city of Ghent.
This is the opposite of a Smart City platform. It’s a <strong>Smart Citizen</strong> platform.
## Overview
## Sequence diagrams
### S1: Overview
{{<mermaid align="left">}}
participant A as .Gent
participant A as .Gent TLD
participant B as City
participant C as Services
participant C2 as
participant D as Host
participant E as Citizen
participant F as Personal Site
......@@ -28,14 +33,22 @@ sequenceDiagram
A->>B: Domain names
B-->C: (Provides)
B->>E: Letter with redemption code
E->>D: Redeem code
E->>D: Choose Domain
D->>F: Setup site (<1 minute)
E->>C2: Redeem code
E->>C2: Choose Domain
C2->>D: Register domain
D->>D: Register domain (<1 min)
D->>D: Setup site (<30 seconds)
D->>C2: Site ready (see S2)
C2->>E: Site ready!
E->>F: Use
F->>C: Interact with
F->>G: Interact with
{{< /mermaid >}}
### S2: Detail: Domain registry and site setup
![Domain registry and site setup sequence diagram](/images/sequence-diagrams/
## Onboarding scenarios
### A. Synchronous
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