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Updated notes about the security spike

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### Notes
* We have chosen to go with the [Natrium Browser]( because this library implements promises instead of callbacks. It also combines the [libsodium.js]( library with [Natrium]( so we have the best of both.
==> After trying to implement this, we came to the conclusion that both Natrium Browser and Natrium are very difficult to implement and rely on different build tools. That's why we choose to implement the [libsodium.js]( library
* The problem with using libsodium is that you have to make choises about different settings for the encryption yourself. In contrast to the OpenCrypto library, the libsodium one is "big" (42kb ~ 512kb + 57,5kb).
* For making a choice it would be best to contact a professional cryptographer.
## Spike 3: Publickey authentication
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