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Explore ActivityPub implementation and interoperability (e.g., with Mastodon) for the [Indienet Engine](../../engine/) project.
## Goals
* Get a feel for [ActivityPub](../../engine/technology-stack/protocol/) by hardcoding responses
* Get a feel for the [Feathers](../../engine/technology-stack/framework/) framework
* Get interoperability working with [Mastodon]( and note any special cases
## Repository
## Issues
### Personal Site Identifier Syntax Simplification
The current fediverse naming convention (@account@si.te) for accounts is biased towards multi-tenant federated web apps (as this is the norm for the fediverse at the moment).
For single-tenant sites (personal sites), this is unnecessarily redundant and can be simplified to the form @si.te as we are certain that @si.te is the identifier of a person and the only account on the site.
#### To-Dos
* [ ] Define this syntax and propose that it be implemented in other systems (like Mastodon)
#### Temporary workaround
A temporary workaround is to have a well-known default account that is used to interoperate with existing systems like Mastodon.
In the spike, we’re using @person@si.te.
**Examples:** [app.js, line 68]( and [app.js, line 39](
#### Related discussions
* W3C:
### Mastodon interoperability
Although the ActivityPub specification does not include or require WebFinger, Mastodon does in order to interoperate.
So, to interoperate with Mastodon:
1. We must include a Link header in the ActivityStreams Actor response that points to the WebFinger endpoint.
**Example:** [app.js, line 68](
2. Implement the WebFinger endpoint to map to the ActivityPub endpoint.
**Example:** [app.js, line 33](
#### Related discussions
* Eugen:
* W3C issue:
* Mastodon issue:
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