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## RethinkDB
RethinkDB is a realtime database that has a changefeeds feature that could simplify our production footprint/deployment requirements, server-side code dramatically and enable us to keep an event-driven workflow throughout.
Although RethinkDB supports clustering natively, scalability of the database should not be an issue for personal web sites/apps (as there’s a single owner).
### Possible issues
* Changefeed connections might fail: [ReQL proposal: restarting feeds](
### Related projects
* [node-rethinkdb-job-queue]( A persistent job or task queue backed by RethinkDB. (Also see, regarding changefeed connection failures: [Add rethinkdb-changefeed-reconnect](
### Useful links
* [Troubleshooting common RethinkDB problems](
## Other options
A more traditional database / message queue combination.
* [rsmq]( Redis Simple Message Queue (Node)
* (RabbitMQ, etc.…)
* (For database, PostgreSQL, etc., or Mongo, etc.)
* …?
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