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Add link to ActivityStreams 2.0 JS implementation on protocol page

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......@@ -17,7 +17,14 @@ As of the time of this writing, Mastodon alone had over 1M active accounts sprea
A major goal of our project is to raise the number of ActivityPub instances by at least an order of magnitude as Indienet apps are, by definition, instances of one.
### Gotchas
* Note: if we want to federate with Mastodon (we do), we must also implement WebFinger as Mastodon doesn’t accept Actor objects without a WebFinger. Discussion:
### Resources
* [ActivityStreams 2.0 implementation in JavaScript](
* [jsonld.js]( “This library is an implementation of the JSON-LD specification in JavaScript.”
* [See Radar](../../../radar) for links to other ActivityPub implementations.
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