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Update site with initial wireframes, etc.

Also added the third authorisation strategy we discussed this week, including opening registrations for anyone physically located in Ghent (or anyone willing to go to the trouble to spoof that).
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......@@ -15,6 +15,22 @@ Citizens use their personal sites to interact with each other, with the greater
This is the opposite of a Smart City platform. It’s a <strong>Smart Citizen</strong> platform.
## Wireframes
These are our initial thoughts on a friendly and seamless on-boarding process that takes people from the site (which looks like an Indie Site) to your own Indie Site by customising it.
### Hallobot onboarding: Step 1
Get authorisation for free domain. (This is a mock of Onboarding Scenario A)
![Hallobot onboarding: Step 1](/images/wireframes/
### Hallotbot onboarding: Step 2
Pick a domain.
![Hallobot onboarding: Step 2](/images/wireframes/
## Sequence diagrams
### S1: Overview
......@@ -77,6 +93,10 @@ First two steps are the same as A.
5. You get an email (or text message) when the web site is ready with a link to your own domain.
### C. Geofenced
Authorisation for a free Indie Site with a free .gent domain may also use geographical location as the criteria. This would also include people whom the city calls “users” (anyone who uses the City and its services). It could also provide a turism advantage (e.g., “take a little piece of the city with you…”, etc.)
## Welcome/setup experience on the site itself
1. On the welcome screen, you pick a password that is never communicated to the host.
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