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Add ssb-horcrux repo link + note on Shamir’s Secret Sharing (security)

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......@@ -41,6 +41,8 @@ As such, the current plans for authentication are:
* Would using a Service Worker to handle cryptographic functions in the browser have security advantages? (Keep an eye on [browser compatibility]( – once all evergreen browsers support this, let’s take a look.)
* [ssb-horcrux]( An interesting apporach to key recovery with a Harry Potter twist (“Split your key into some number of parts, give those to trusted friends, and if your computer ever dies, you can re-create your private key.”) Also see: [Shamir’s Secret Sharing](
## General resources
* [OpenCrypto]( OpenCrypto is a Cryptographic JavaScript library built on top of [WebCrypto API](
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